Cultural Programme

Cultural Programme

Cultural Programme

The Nitya Foundation often known by its initials (Nitya Foundation), which promotes Indian culture. Other aspects of Indian culture it seeks to foster the exchange of traditional Indian values and to generate awareness of the cultural traditions and heritage of India. In order to achieve its goals, Nitya Foundation  organizes concerts, lectures, demonstrations, informal discussions, and seminars.
Nitya Foundation addresses its mandate of cultural diplomacy through a broad range of activities. In addition to organising cultural festivals in India. Individual performers in dance, music, photography, theatre, and the visual art. Other Related Activities, like workshops, essays, exhibitions, films, celebration of national / local festivals, environment and nature care, study tours to places of cultural importance, quizzes, debates, panel discussions and other culture related activities, are also an integral part of a series. Which is also an integral part of a series.

Vission & Mission


Seeing India as a nation and society which is poverty-free, educated, free from child labour where there inequality will be no longer exists and everyone will get his fundamental rights such as Education, Good Food, Good Health and Shelter for themselves and to envision such nation where the women of the society will be empowered and self-dependent.

In nutshell to work towards crafting a better India which ensures basic health, education, empowerment and equality to every citizen.


Creating beautiful and better society by providing and ensuring basic necessities to every deprived individual and to become an association and execution partner of Schools, NGOs, Corporates, and Government agencies for advancement programs across India.








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